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Cochlear Implants Platinum Sound Processor

Harmony, HiResolution Bionic Ear System

Hearing Beyond Words
The new Auria Harmony Sound Processor is designed to help maximize hearing potential beyond words so recipients can experience as much of the full spectrum of natural sound - and life - as possible. The Harmony Sound Processor is the only behind-the-ear (BTE) processor capable of delivering all HiResolution® Sound options available today.

Auria Harmony
Designed to withstand rain, sweat and moisture

Unmatched Capability and Convenience
With CD-quality, 16-bit processing, programmable wide input dynamic range and powerful dual-loop automatic gain control, the Harmony BTE processes sound with unmatched fidelity and clarity. The new Power Economy Mode delivers 50% greater battery life than the previous generation BTE, so recipients can conveniently enjoy a full listening day on a single charge. With the Harmony Sound Processor, recipients have the best opportunity to:

  • Use the telephone
  • Hear in noisy environments
  • Listen in classrooms
  • Hear all day on a single charge
  • Hear load and soft sounds without flipping a switch
The Harmony Sound Processor is designed to be stylish and convenient. The ergonomic processor is available in three base colors with a low-profile headpiece and more than 20 color-cover options so recipients can customize their processor to fit their personality and style. With the unique Snap-on Earhook System and built-in telecoil, connecting to assistive listening devices (ALDs) and consumer products has never been simpler. A strategically placed multi-color LED provides recipients, caregivers, and teachers visual confirmation of processor status and remaining battery life. All this capability is encased in an award-winning* design that is water tolerant and impact resistant.

Convenient, Easy-to-use Controls

  • 3-position program switch with tactile and visual feedback
  • Volume wheel with tactile and visual feedback
  • Built-in telecoil for wireless access to hearing-aid-compatible telephones and inductive loop systems
  • IntellilinkTM safety feature associates the processor with a specific implant to protect against stimulation if processors are accidentally swapped between ears or recipients
Auria Harmony

Discreet Low-profile Headpiece

  • Lightweight, low-profile, and small diameter
  • Color caps and covers provide more than 60 color combinations

Power Options

Auria Harmony Advanced Bionics, a Boston Scientific Company, was the first cochlear implant company to offer high-technology, rechargeable batteries. Our fifth-generation proprietary PowerCelTM Batteries offer large power capacity in a small package. PowerCels are designed to high safety standards other rechargeable battery companies have yet to match.

Since PowerCels can be recharged hundreds of times, they provide years of use and are more economical and environmentally friendly than thousands of disposable batteries. Recipients report being able to switch batteries in less than 10 seconds compared with minutes for traditional disposable hearing-aid-style batteries.

The PowerCel Slim provides a full work- or school-day of reliable rechargeable power, lasting on average 14 hours. The PowerCel Plus provides an average of 24 hours of extended use.

Snap-on Earhook Options

Auria Harmony The Harmony Sound Processor's unique powered earhook connector accepts an auxiliary signal input, which enables an earhook to become an active part of the system. The four types of Harmony Processor Earhooks are available in small and standard sizes to fit children and adult ears. In addition, recipients recieving the new Harmony BTE can utilize most of the Auria accessories and PowerCels with the new procesor. Refer to the compatibility chart for a complete listing of accessories compatible with the Harmony Processor.

T-Mic® Microphone In-the-ear microphone provides improved hearing in noise, enhanced directional hearing, and added convenience when using telephones and other consumer electronic products. The T-Mic uniquely fits in the ear canal opening to take advantage of the pinna?s natural beam-forming properties.

iConnect Adapter Cable-free FM access compatible with the Phonak MicroLink MLXS. The iConnect provides convenient and cost-effective FM reception with an independent power source.

Direct ConnectTM Simple connection to consumer electronic devices and ALDs with a 3.5 mm stereo jack.

Standard Earhook Provides a non-audio earhook option.

Cochlear Implants Platinum Sound Processor



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